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"DivKid is a musician and producer come modular video maker. Working with a huge range of companies with the euro rack and wider synth scene you can find his work at youtube.com/divkidvideo support his work and grab bonus exclusives and freebies at patreon.com/divkid "

Mike Thomas

"I have some minor skill with a number of traditional studio instruments, but none of them have given me anything like the oddly satisfying combination of science, discovery, and serendipity that composing and performing music on a modular provides." Follow Mike Thomas here!

Radek Rudnicki

"I make music using material gathered in the process of engaging with my peers. I release it on my own label Wave Folder Records." Here you can find variety of projects Radek created or was involved in.

Akihiko Matsumoto

Akihiko is a Tokyo based electronic musician and interactive programmer. After obtaining a masters degree (art) from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo in 2012, he became a researcher in the engineering department of the University of Tokyo. Visit his website here!


"CUCKOO is me taking synths, bleeps, dance and pop to the stage. Original songs in a soundosphere inspired by the sounds of early video games. Come dance with me and check it out :)" patreon.com/cuckoomusic

Kristian Tchetchko

"I try to give the music and sounds in my head a place to flourish. Lucky for me there's all of these tools at my disposal. Lets see what we can learn and come up with along the way!" Check him out here!


Singer songwriter and naive synthesist. EZBOT started his journey with a Teenage Engineering OP-1 and eventaully found himself filling up a 7U 104HP case of modular madness! Follow him on youtube and dtube!


"Little Ambient Machine. Modular Patches. Drone, Ambient, Soundscapes. Just having fun patching cables and turning knobs" Check him out on soundcloud here!