September Photo Contest Winner - Hannah Carlson!

September Photo Contest Winner - Hannah Carlson!

Hannah Carlson

Hannah Carlson

“I’m inspired by how many different mediums you can use to make music. I love modular but it is not the only thing that I use to make music I see it as it’s own instrument where it can be a supporting part and also a lead. I’m inspired by using familiar sounds and vocal samples which is why I chose the morphagene to create that soundscape and be easily manipulated. Plaits is the other voice I have which is run through my sequencer the Doboz prizma II. Since I’m working with limited space I needed a sequencer that was compact and could have multiple steps and functions which it definitely delivers. I run the sequenced plaits through the chrono blob 2 which I’m absolutely in love with. All the different types of stereo delay creates different rhythms from the plaits almost every time I use it and use the Dixie 2+ to modulate whatever I’m feeling it’s a fun thing to patch live into the plaits to create a variation on a pre existing sound. With everything being clocked with the mutant brain I use my model samples as the master clock which I use as my percussion sounds. I love having so many options since I have limited space but I use those limitations as fuel for creativity.” -Hannah Carlson

August Photo Contest Winner - mafmadmaf!

August Photo Contest Winner - mafmadmaf!


“This setup is made for my trip to Japan. The core of the setup is Qu-Bit Chord V2, a 5-output VCO based on chords, and it is the successor of the V1. It can play two sequences at the same time when using both V/OCT input and LEAD input, so I will get a 3-voice chord and a lead. It is brilliant! Based on this feature, the micro O_c I choose for its dual-channel sequencer, Sequins, which plays 2 separate sequences at the same time. Ant then Tangle Quartet by ALM, 4-channel VCA, is perfect pair with Chord's outputs. Last but not least, Zadar is in the game definitely for any  4-channel VCA. 4 outputs, 4 VCAs and 4 envelopes. This is closely interlinked. I put them into a 60hp skiff case for traveling to Japan and finally, I can play modular in the forest, on a Shinkansen and a plane. While I brought an instrument with me on a journey, it changed the interaction between me and the field. This time I took my modular far from where we live, into a scene more than 900 years old. This journey has a special meaning for me, while I mainly play around the intro arpeggios of 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' by Ryuichi Sakamoto. I live-patched and recorded in the forest which surrounds the Togakushi Shrine, Nagano, Japan. Here is the film: .

I focus on live patching and recoding, so my Instagram & YouTube channel is the main carrier of my works. Though I still put my music on SoundCloud. It is a totally different experience when you see modular music played live. I live in Guangzhou, China and I do modular music in the realm of ambient and experimental.”


July Photo Contest Winner - Jesse Humes!

July Photo Contest Winner - Jesse Humes!

Jesse Humes

Jesse Humes

“I’ve been designing my modular set up around sound exploration, generative music, and performing. Initially, I wanted to be able to develop new sounds that I could use for music production. As I got deeper into putting my setup together I was finding how much fun it is to patch generative ambient pieces. I also really enjoy using my rack in tandem with Ableton, I like to set up my drums in Ableton using it to send a clock to my midi module, which I then send into Marbles. Marbles drives my sequencer, Rene. For my voices I use two VCO’s, as well as Rings and Plaits from Mutable Instrument. For my filters I use a Wasp and a Polaris. I love using Clouds as my effects, it has a beautiful reverb. I consider my system to be a bit of a hybrid of analog and digital modules. I’m always looking for ways to improve my modular setup.” -Jesse Humes


Expert Sleeper’s Disting MK4

The Disting MK4 is a 4HP digital super module. It has almost everything: VCO’s, filters, logic, quantizer, sample playing capabilities, clockable LFO, slew limiter, full wave rectifier, reverb (stereo or dual), delay, and the list goes on. You can load your own samples on the included SD and use them as one shots or loops single cycle wave forms. The moment these modules are available they are quickly sold out, so finding one second hand may be your best bet. Many users swear by them and have more than one in their modular rig and can you blame them? With so much functionality you could build a complex arrangement with just a few Distings. But how can you navigate the plethora of algorithms with such a tiny screen? This is easy with Synth Modes. Synth Modes is an unofficial companion app for your smart phone. It’s like having the manual in your pocket and provides the bonus ability to search for functions. Synth Modes makes your Disting experience a bit easier and allows the user more time applying the modules many functions to their current patch.

The retail price of a new Disting MK4 is $189 USD.

Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Sound Computer

ER-301 Sound Computer

ER-301 Sound Computer

The ER-301 is a 30HP “sound computer”, that is the name displayed on the front panel and it is absolutely the most concise and honest description of the module you could think of. This constantly updated gorgeously retro inspired multi-module can do nearly any task you ask it to, with the caveat that you build some of the internal modules yourself within the ER-301, or borrow units from other users off the the very active forum. One user made a very impressive Clouds clone called Ultra Violet Granular, proving just how powerful the sound computer can be. In terms of signal routing, the ER-301 offers an experience much like working an analog board in a recording studio. The internal modules allows you to route and share modulation, audio, cv, and gate anywhere within the framework, much like an enormous patchbay (limited by CPU usage of course). Unlike the Disting MK4, you can build your own synthesizers and math functions along with the devices included on the current 0.4.10 firmware. The ER-301 is deep, very deep but you have a guide. Neil Parfitt has a long and wonderfully cheerful tutorial series on YouTube called “Getting Started with the ER-301.”

The retail price of a new ER-301 Sound Computer is $900 USD.

Percussa Super Signal Processor

Percussa SSP

Percussa SSP

Percussa SSP

Percussa SSP

The Percussa SSP is a 60HP goliath strength multifunction module. It’s armed to the teeth with high resolution in/outs and a very powerful ARM Quad Core processor, there is literally no other module on the market with this kind of computing power. The Percussa SSP offers many of the same features as the ER-301 and Disting MK4 but with a much larger screen and 4 endless encoders. The powerhouse module sports a 1600x480 pixel wide format full colour LVDS IPS display. In other words, it looks beautiful and the impressive GPU can render 3D images. The SSP has 16 inputs and 8 outputs, DC coupled, 32 bit resolution, supporting 48khz, 96khz and 192khz sample rates. It also has 2 USB inputs, meaning you are able to control the SSP via a class compliant USB midi device. Not just that, it also has MPE support so you can use a Roli Seaboard, Continuum, K-Board or LinnStrument with your eurorack. If that’s not enough you can record audio directly to your computer via the USB as well. Some of the included modules are a wave table oscillator with true 3d morphing, a multichannel recorder (up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs simultaneously to disk (flash) as WAV), wave shaper, sequencer, granular processor, comb filter and many more. If you want something else you can build it in the 2D patching grid directly on the SSP, and with the powerful CPU it can run at high sampler rates and resolution. Percussa recently ended a Kickstarter for a second module, the Percussa mSSP which houses the same premium components for a fraction of the price, both monetarily and in precious HP. Unfortunately, the kickstarter did not reach it’s goal, but we are rooting for another run this year, fingers crossed!

Percussa SSP forum:

Percussa SSP walk-through video:

The retail price of a new Percussa SSP is $2000.

January photo contest has begun!

January photo contest has already started and we want your submissions along with links to your music! Winner will receive 2 packs of glow in the dark patch cables exclusive to Modbang. Submit your photos to for a chance to win. Check out other submissions here Do everyone a favor and show us your rack!

Photo submitted by Cryille Adam

Photo submitted by Cryille Adam

Modbang Multisample Packs Coming Soon!

We are currently in the process of developing a pack of multisamples made with eurorack modules only. Post processing will only include normalizing, noise reduction and silence truncating. In most cases noise reduction will not be applied because noise is often a good thing. The aim of the sample pack is to capture the authentic sound and feel of modular synthesis but with the added capability to play those sounds polyphonically (and of course without having to buy a modular synth.) The first sample pack will be a free download courtesy of

Download the first instrument: Rainbowz

Screenshot (43).png

Christmas music contest winner!

Scott Riesterer of Ask.Audio wins this years Christmas contest!

Scott is a Sound Designer from Vancouver, Canada who has contributed his post production audio skills to dramatic and documentary films, animations, video games, and oddly enough, the Chevrolet Volt. His music makes heavy use of field recordings gathered from a variety of sources and locations. In 2013 he released Sonidos De Cuba, an ambitious album built upon field recordings from a trip to Cuba and it was nominated for Best Electronic Album in the Western Canadian Music Awards. He is currently working on music featuring recordings from Belize, Japan and Thailand between his dialog editing projects. (Excerpt from Ask.Audio)

Our next contest is January eurorack photo contest. Start submitting to now for a chance to win free glow in the dark patch cables exclusively from Check out the gallery

December Christmas Contest!

Want to win some free cables? We are holding a Christmas contest for the month of December. Submit a video of you making a Christmas themed eurorack song. You can remake a classic or make some sounds that you think are fitting. Its totally up to you! We just want to hear some cool sounds and see what you all can do.

Submit your video to mod@modbang,com or upload it in disqus under the Christmas contest discussion. Last day to submit is December 24th.

None of these videos or music will be altered or sold in anyway.


November Free Patch Cable Contest Winner!

Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson is an electronic musician, visual artist, and creative programmer based in Santa Cruz, California. Jacob’s interests in electronic mediums bloomed during his second year at the Berklee College of Music, gravitating towards modular synthesizers as an approach to improvised performance. Rooted in, but not limited to the ambient genre, Jacob aims to convey the feelings of complex yet subdued turbulence that exist within all of us. Under the name eventuate, Jacob released his first album “Tides” on November 19th.


Check out some of Jacobs music with the links below. We really enjoyed his ambient sounds along with his nature shot.



Want to be cool like Jacob and win free stuff?

Submit a photo of your gear and links to your music to for a chance to win free patch cables and be featured in the gallery.

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Modbang’s official store is live! Our first items are two premium glow cables, Primrose and Cobalt! They come in 12”, 18”, and 36”. You can find extensive information on how to get the most out of your glow cables on the FAQ page. Awesomeness!

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Modbang is a website which is dedicated to the music community. The website hosts a page of featured artists, a gallery of eurorack, pedal boards, and home studio photos. Modbang will also feature a free to join forum where you can discuss music/gear away from Facebook!

What is EZBOT?

EZBOT creates electronic music using eurorack, drum machines, samplers, guitars, vocals, and synthesizers!


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Currently, modbang serves a kaleidoscope of images filled with buttons, knobs, flashing LED's, and a tangled mess of colored wires. Even more fantastic than the images themselves is the fact that they are all contributions from current and active musicians from all over the world. Beneath every photo, you can find the name of the contributor. Moving forward I plan to continue adding to both current galleries (eurorack and pedal board) while working to add a third gallery: home studio. Home studio will have a focus on your work desk and layout of your music room. I am excited to start gathering home studio images because it will surely include many hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. Also, in the works is a forum where the obsessive pedal board junkies can talk to the eurorack folk, and the home studio production gang- we will finally see who has gear acquisition syndrome the worst.

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