Future plans for modbang.com

Currently, modbang serves a kaleidoscope of images filled with buttons, knobs, flashing LED's, and a tangled mess of colored wires. Even more fantastic than the images themselves is the fact that they are all contributions from current and active musicians from all over the world. Beneath every photo, you can find the name of the contributor. Moving forward I plan to continue adding to both current galleries (eurorack and pedal board) while working to add a third gallery: home studio. Home studio will have a focus on your work desk and layout of your music room. I am excited to start gathering home studio images because it will surely include many hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. Also, in the works is a forum where the obsessive pedal board junkies can talk to the eurorack folk, and the home studio production gang- we will finally see who has gear acquisition syndrome the worst.

Thanks for stopping by!