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The purpose of this Patreon is to provide modbang supporters with a direct line of communication. Patreon supporters will have access to comment on videos and make suggestions to, along with other rewards.

What is  

Modbang is a website which is dedicated to the music community. The website hosts a page of featured artists, a gallery of eurorack, pedal boards, and home studio photos. Modbang will also feature a free to join forum where you can discuss music/gear away from Facebook!

What is EZBOT?

EZBOT creates electronic music using eurorack, drum machines, samplers, guitars, vocals, and synthesizers!


RTFM (read the !@#$ing manual) is where I read you aloud the manuals of our favorite gear! Now you can tell all your friends you've read the manual, but in truth you just listened, and they'll never know the difference! SUCH FOOLS, SUCH IGNORANCE! GREAT JOB, YOU WIN!

Some rewards for Patreon supporters include having your music featured in a special Patreon section at the top of the artist page! All subscribers will receive access to the newsletter, which includes updates and the featured artist from patreon reward!