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Where do those cool photos come from?

If you would like your eurorack featured in the gallery along with a link to your music, all you have to do is submit your photo to Permission was granted by the authors of all the photos in the gallery. Modbang in no way takes any credit for the photos in the gallery pages.

How do cables glow?

All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized.  There are many chemical substances that can be mixed to act like phosphors, this can cause alterations in products. The type of visible light needed to activate the product (sunlight vs artificial), color that is emitted, and glow duration can all vary. The amount and type of chemical added to a product will also determine glow properties. Items that glow continuously with little or no light charge work by radioluminescence. These products emits small amounts of radioactivity and would not be suitable for cables.

How to get the most glow?

The best way to get your cables activated upon arrival is to put them in direct sunlight for a couple hours outside of their packaging. Direct artificial light will also make cables glow however the effects will not be as immediately noticeable or powerful. Working in a well lit studio or open room will be enough light to ensure cables will glow.

Cable Preferences

Certain cable colors will emit a stronger glow. A cable that is transparent will always glow quicker and longer. Green cables glow the best and it’s one of the easiest colors to achieve. A cable can appear one color and glow another, i.e. red to orange or yellow.

Currently, our Cobalt cable emits the strongest glow.

Currently, our Primrose cable emits the most subtle glow.

Just getting started?

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Returns and Refunds

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